Good news

Upto 75% of engineers expect to change job in 2024

Bad news

The engineering talent you really want are the other 25%

Posting job ads or using outdated search techniques won’t bag you one of those in the top quarter! But fear not, we have the solution.


We exist to help Engineering & Technology companies hire exceptional senior talent.

"There has never been a more important time than now, to ensure your hiring strategy is aligned with the rapidly evolving recruitment landscape".

The Performance Hiring System gives Engineering & technology customers a competitive advantage.

Our mission is to turn hiring from a cost centre to a profit centre by delivering outstanding, predictable hiring outcomes for our customers in engineering & technology

The Performance Hiring Systems

Our unique end-to-end 12 step process combines performance based hiring methodology with powerful search and engagement techniques, wrapped up in the very latest RecTech, delivering the top third of talent in the market.

Supercharged hiring where the best talent is critical to your success

performHire won't leave your critical hiring to chance


...reduction in time to hire


...hiring success when Performance Hiring methods are deployed


...of our hires are still in place after 12 months.

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